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Job Vacancy: Farmstrong Scotland Programme Director

This exciting new role will lead and oversee the implementation of Farmstrong Scotland, helping develop and drive a new rural wellbeing programme for the farming and crofting sector, sharing peer-to-peer tips and advice, so the industry can live well to farm and croft well.

  • Average 2 to 3 days per week (or 9 to 13 days per month*)

  • Employed or Self-Employed

  • Flexible Working

  • Inital Two Year Contract

  • Home-working or Office-based (Edinburgh) considered

What does this role include?

Leads and oversees the implementation of the Farmstrong strategic plan during the establishment and early growth and development phases of the programme in Scotland.

Work and liaise closely with the Farmstrong Board to ensure that the planned work programme and its implementation via the operational team and supplier network is consistent with the strategy set by the Board.

Leads, with support from the Chair and other Farmstrong Scotland Board members, engagement within Scotland farmer and crofter businesses and rural organisations so that their boards, executives and teams become partners and supporters to help Farmstrong Scotland scale and be sustainable.

Manages and oversees the budget, contracts and key partnerships and supporting paperwork, including adhering to any tender and contract deadlines.

Provides information, tactical advice and recommendations to the Governance Board to ensure that all strategic and resource allocation decisions are based on what will best achieve Farmstrong’s mission, short term goals and objectives and long term outcomes

Oversee and support the other key roles contributing to the operational delivery of Farmstrong including; the project co-ordinator, the community engagement specialist and suppliers of communications, marketing, event management, market research and evaluation services.

Manage key partnerships and relationships including those with the founding partners, important high profile Farming and Crofter organisations and other potential partners and funders

Recruit and manage any additional roles or suppliers that are required to achieve the programmes strategic and business plan goals

Alongside Farmstrong Ambassadors be a public spokesperson for Farmstrong in the media, at events and in meetings.

*Note: The board are happy to consider a retainer approach if this individual was self-employed, thus allowing the Programme Director, by agreement with the Board, to work a set number of days per month rather than a fixed number per week.

How to apply?

To apply, email along with the following information.

  • A copy of your C.V.

  • A covering email explaining why you would like to work for Farmstrong Scotland and what “wellbeing” means to you.

  • If you would like to be employed (salary) or self-employed (day-rate)

  • Your salary/day-rate expectation

All applications will be held in the strictest of confidence and will only be reviewed by the Farmstrong Scotland Chairman, and recruitment panel.

Application deadline: Monday 21st August 2023


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